3 Creative Ideas To Inspire Your Kids To Read More

Every child is unique. Many can’t stay away from their gaming consoles, while others can’t wait to get lost in Hogwarts after school. There are children who devour books at the speed of light, and there are those who read at the rate of a tortoise. If your kids are at the wrong end of the reading spectrum, you need to come up with some creative ideas to inspire them to read more.

While easier said than done, the team of childcare experts at Playdays Academy is here to help. We are going to share 3 creative ways to get your kids to read more and increase their love for reading.

Creative Ideas To Inspire Your Kids To Read More

Start A Reading Challenge- make reading an achievement. Your child could earn a sticker after completing a book. After collecting enough stickers, they can earn a much larger prize. The trick is to make the challenge meaningful and worthwhile and the goal should be something that your kids would love to do or have. Some children may initially see reading as tedious, but they could become so engrossed in the storyline that it becomes a new hobby.

Get Topical- you will have little success encouraging children to read if you give them books that aren’t very interesting to them. If teen fictions are appealing at the moment, you should encourage children to read those. The goal is to make children get used to reading a whole book from cover to cover. Comics are often frowned upon, but it’s a good start for younger children. Parents need to communicate with children and tap into their interests. Give them direct access to interesting books and allow children to choose the books that they want to read.

Make It A Family Activity- one major reason why children don’t want to read is because they are the only ones in the house who read books. Reading books should be a family affair. Parents and older siblings are great role models for smaller children. Make it a family habit to spend time reading books. Make some noise about reading, so children see that reading is a fun activity that everyone is excited about.

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