4 Ways to Solve Behavioural Problems in Children 

  1.   Practice Calmness Often, when a child’s anger is met with more emotions, mainly by the parents, it only feeds the child’s aggression. Try to stay calm throughout and model emotional regulation with the little one. 2.   Be Consistent To break a particular pattern, consistency is key. Children require stability; you will confuse them… continue reading »

Play Days Academy – Water play day !!!

water play day leicester - 1

Water Play Day !!! Today out in the garden, we asked Alex if we can have some water. He filled up a big green bucket and tipped it into the water trough. We looked around the garden and saw the green powder paint on the table. “that would look good in our water” we thought!… continue reading »

Our New Nursery Website

New nursery website design

In this blog post we would like to introduce our Day ChildCare Nursery. Last month, Plays Days Academy Ltd. in Glen Parva Leicester, launched its new website. Our old website was dated and we hired a professional website agency to build our new website. In our Nursery website you can clearly see the services we… continue reading »