Tips for Spending Quality Time with Your Child

Here are some fantastic ways to spend more time with your little one! 1. Have A Daily ‘Connect’ Time With Your Child Pick an hour in the morning or an hour in the evening, and set a timer. Use this hour to fully focus on fun and play with your child. 2. Create a Special… continue reading »

Benefits of Sending your Child to Nursery?

Better Communication When children meet other children at the nursery, they have the opportunity to share what they’re thinking and experiencing. In doing so, children develop the ability to articulate their emotions and gain insight into the experiences of others around them. Your child’s language skills will flourish at nursery as they hear and repeat… continue reading »

Benefits of Learning Sign Language Among Children

Sign language, or ASL for short, has been a means of communication amongst the deaf for as long as one can remember. Being recently recognised as a world language means it is no longer limited to the deaf community. Research shows that babies as young as six to seven months can efficiently remember any sign…. continue reading »

6 Ways to Help Your Child to Learn to Read

There are a plethora of benefits to reading. Often, many parents ask how they can help encourage good reading habits in their children. And rightfully so, since it is an important skill that every child needs to learn, but also promotes brain development and imagination.   By picking out books that pique their interest and… continue reading »

Tips on Setting a Bedtime Routine for your Child

Are you struggling with putting your children to bed at a set time? Is that resulting in them not getting a good nights sleep? It’s hard for parents to see their children struggle with sleep, and all the problems that come with disturbed sleeping patterns. So, how to achieve the goal of perfecting your child’s… continue reading »

4 Ways to Solve Behavioural Problems in Children 

  1.   Practice Calmness Often, when a child’s anger is met with more emotions, mainly by the parents, it only feeds the child’s aggression. Try to stay calm throughout and model emotional regulation with the little one. 2.   Be Consistent To break a particular pattern, consistency is key. Children require stability; you will confuse them… continue reading »

5 Best Reasons to Send your Child to Daycare

Many parents enjoy parenthood to the fullest by spending time with their children, caring for them, and attending to their various needs and the idea of leaving your child in the care of others can terrify parents. Daycare centres are a good choice for parents who cannot care for their children full-time. Many studies have… continue reading »

Fun Ways To Teach Your Child Emotional Literacy

What Is Emotional Literacy? Emotional literacy refers to the ability to recognize and name the emotions that not only we feel but also others. This skill is the root for all those brilliant characteristics that every parent wishes to see in their children- including self-compassion, empathy, etc.  An average person can only name up to… continue reading »

Tips On Raising Self-Confident Children 

Every parent dreams of acing that parenting phase and raising a healthy, happy and confident child. Someone who is secure enough to chase after their goals and achieve them, confront problems and is capable of maintaining positive relationships. It is not easy achieving this goal. Parents have to dedicate a lot of their energy to… continue reading »