In today’s technological world, mobile phones have taken over globally. Every person has one. People have become addicted to their phones and keeping away from them is proving to be more and more challenging. The exposure of technology to our children is changing how they interact, play and learn. These tablets and mobile phones have… continue reading »

How to teach children compassion and kindness?

Kids need to learn compassion and kindness, two traits that define a good person. Being compassionate towards others and practicing kindness will help the world be a better place. When kids understand this, they would start being compassionate towards others and demonstrate kindness. When you enrol your child for a child care near me, you… continue reading »

Daycare Services: How Does It Benefit The Kids?

No matter how much you value your job or childcare, saying goodbye to your child each day isn’t effortless. But don’t worry, mothers! Research shows that high-quality childcare includes standard, positive social interactions between child and caregiver that turn kids into sensible adults. Do you want proof? Inspect out these fantastic benefits of enrolling your… continue reading »

The Importance Of Building Resilience In Children

Failures and mistakes are a part of life and, as our children grow and learn, it is these factors that will help them build character and resilience. Resilient children typically bounce back much faster when they make a mistake and they use what they have learned to avoid making the same mistake the next time…. continue reading »

4 Ways To Help Children Adapt Better In Elementary School

Children tend to do better if they have supportive parents who get involved in improving their academic performance. From their early days at the day care centre to their time spent at university, parents’ involvement in their child’s education is crucial. Elementary school, however, is the first compulsory education step and a major change in… continue reading »

Fun Staycation Ideas For Families

While the worst part of the pandemic might be over, people everywhere are still taking extra precautions when it comes to travel and being in crowded areas. This has led to the newest travel trend, staycationing, or vacationing closer to home. Instead of having a far-flung adventure to a distant country, there are many exciting… continue reading »

Life Hacks For Parents Of Small Children

Parenting can be messy, difficult, and often, challenging. Once becoming a parent, you need to do the right things to save time and keep your children protected. There are many things that parents can do to make their lives easier and we are going to take a look at some of them now. Life Hacks… continue reading »

How To Know If Your Toddler Is Ready For School

Is your toddler ready for school? Before going to school for the first time, children should be pre-conditioned and they must have certain skills if they are to be happy and successful. Through some careful observations, parents can find out if their children have met most, or all of, the benchmarks to begin their school… continue reading »

How To Help Your Child Build Confidence

It is not an easy thing for parents to see their children struggle with self-esteem issues. If your child lacks courage or shies away from a challenge, it’s important to help him build confidence. Being confident in one’s own abilities will not only help them grow socially, but it will also enable them to do… continue reading »