4 Healthy Snack Ideas For Your Child’s School Lunch

Other than regular meals at home and during school, children also need healthy snacks for proper nutritional intake. Many common kids’ snacks often have low nutritional values, because they are high in simple carbohydrates and fats. Healthy snacks can keep children energised and nourished while at school and they should be included in their lunchbox or backpack daily.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some healthy ideas for your child’s school lunch:

Sandwich- halves of sandwiches are compact and you can stack them easily inside your child’s lunch box. It’s important to choose healthy ingredients for your kid’s sandwiches. Start with whole-wheat bread. You should also include vegetables and sources of low-fat protein. Chicken breast, tuna, turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber are healthy ingredients for tasty sandwiches. Also choose low-fat and low-sodium cheese, mayo, and ketchup.

Banana Quesadilla And Peanut Butter- banana and peanut butter are a perfect combination because they are tasty and healthy. Peanut butter is a source of healthy fats and bananas give your children quick boost of energy. Use whole-wheat tortillas, peanut butter, grilled/baked banana, and cinnamon powder to make this tasty snack. For highly active children, banana quesadillas and peanut butter should energise them.

Energy Balls- energy balls look like cookie dough, but they are very nutritious. Make energy balls with whole chia seeds or ground flax because they are excellent sources of antioxidants, protein, and dietary fibre. Depending on the ingredients, homemade energy balls are healthier than commercial granola bars, because you don’t use artificial ingredients or too much sugar. Energy balls are versatile, because you can use ingredients like oats, almond butter, peanut butter, honey, whole chia seeds, ground flax seeds, chopped dried fruit, dark chocolate chips, almond and vanilla. Mix ingredients in a bowl and shape it into small balls. Refrigerate before eating.

Kale Chips- kale is a well-known superfood, which is packed with rich nutrients. For children, it is an excellent source of vitamins. Mix kale with olive oil, garlic powder, pepper, and a bit of salt. Spread kale leaves on cookie sheet and bake for 12 minutes at 175°C. You need to check it often because kale may burn easily once it dries.

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