5 Tips For Choosing A Dentist For Your Special Needs Child

Maintaining proper dental health and hygiene for children with special needs is often more difficult. Parents need to frequently remind special needs children to floss and brush. And, just as any other child, children with special needs also require scheduled dentist visits so dentists can inform parents about the best way to maintain their child’s health.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways that parents can find the best dentist for their special needs child:

Familiarity With Special Needs Children- many dental clinics already handle children with special needs. They know that it takes more effort and attention to handle special needs children.

Tour The Facility- before choosing a clinic, it is a good idea to tour the facility ahead of time. This should eliminate any unknowns and you can be sure that your child will be properly treated. Check whether there are special seats and dental care equipment for children. If it’s not possible to check the facility, you may ask the staff for pictures.

Private Room- it’s optional, but it’s better if the clinic has a room for special needs children. Special needs children can be highly active physically and it’s a good thing if there’s a special room for them. Children are easily overwhelmed by the noises of cleaning tools and drills. A room without intimidating tools and with a more relaxed atmosphere may make children calmer.

Ability To Handle Tantrums- special needs children may refuse treatment and show bad temper. Paediatric dentists typically have enough experience and are well-acquainted to this situation. They know how to prepare both parents and children before starting a procedure. Because special needs children often don’t brush their teeth properly, periodical cleaning treatments are necessary to prevent possible problems.

Use Of Anaesthesia- special needs children can be very reactive to discomfort and any sensation of pain. Make sure that the dentist implements safe anaesthetic procedures for children. Parents should be fully informed about any procedure used, and whether it’s effective and safe for children.

A long-term commitment with your dentist is necessary for children with special needs. Special needs children will feel calmer if they always go to the same dentist. Paediatric dentists often try to make the experience fun and enjoyable for children.

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