5 Ways To Inspire Your Children To Get Outdoors

Not only are outdoor activities fun, but they can also keep the whole family healthier. Moderate exposure to sunlight, family interaction and physical activities can make everyone in your family feel better, including your children. Unfortunately, many children would prefer to play indoors, focusing on their video game consoles and other electronic devices.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some ways to get your children do outdoor activities more often:

5 Ways To Inspire Your Children To Get Outdoors

Take Them For A Long Walk- walking is an easy and very basic outdoor activity and it’s something that parents need to teach to their children early on. Having a long walk with children costs nothing and it can be an enjoyable experience to relax in the park with fresh air and sunshine. If there’s no enjoyable place for a long walk around your neighborhood, you can drive to a nearby nature reserve.

Ride Together: if you need to cover more distance, consider riding bikes with the whole family, instead of driving the car. To make things more fun, you can do rigorous mountain biking on rough terrain. You can start easy when riding with children and start adding more challenging biking activities later. If you don’t own enough bikes for the whole family, rentals in your area typically cost very little.

Have A Picnic- try having lunch or dinner outside with the family. It can be an incredibly fun activity for everyone. Even if the weather is a bit cold, you can still have fun outdoors, as long as you keep the family warm. Pack your favourite picnic foods and find a great place where the family can eat while interacting and enjoying the scenery.

Teach Children About Nature Photography- most children today already have smartphones with decent cameras. Instead of only taking selfies for social media, introduce children to nature photography. Take them to parks or nature reserves. Start by taking photos of simple objects like flowers and flowing water and work up to animals.

Do Fun Activities- in the end, exercising is the best and healthiest way to spend time outdoors. Ask children what kind of fun activities they want to do outdoors and, if they prefer hiking or swimming, then it’s a good start. Encourage children to become more adventurous and offer them more challenging activities. If it’s cold outside, parents and children can always wear their cold weather gear to do moderate physical activities such as skiing or sledding.

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