5 Ways To Turn Your Children Into Avid Readers

The increased use of digital devices, like smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TV, and gaming consoles, is turning children away from books. The only books many children read are their school textbooks and nothing else. Unfortunately, school textbooks aren’t giving children the same pleasurable experience they can get from reading and adventure story, and this is causing them to avoid books even more.

Keeping that in mind, here are 6 ways to turn your children into avid readers:

Read To Toddlers- because toddlers still can’t read, reading to them is a good way to help them to interact with physical books. Choose storybooks with simple narration and colourful drawings. Parents can spend 15 minutes each night reading books with their children. This activity also ensures closeness and warmth between parents and children.

Combine Movies And Books- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published in the United Kingdom on 1997 and the film was published in 2001. Watch the movie with children and then read the book together. Children could become motivated to read more books and watch other films in the Harry Potter series.

Read Non-Fiction Books- parents shouldn’t overlook non-fiction books. Even adults often mistakenly think that non-fiction books are not fun. For children, non-fiction books can be very entertaining too. Give children books about animals, flowers, dinosaurs, planets, and vehicles.

Give Children Magazines And Newspapers- these days, few people are reading magazines and newspapers anymore. Choose an affordable magazine subscription that gives children a year’s worth of reading material. This also applies to newspapers; children may find it enjoyable to read something that they can touch.

Go To The Library- once children are eager to read more books, a visit to the local library can be an exhilarating experience. Libraries are full of books and children can read whatever they want. Many libraries have sections for children and toddlers, where they can read books in a casual and fun environment. Most libraries allow you to borrow books for a week or more at no cost. If you haven’t finished reading the book with children, you can go back to the library to ask for an extension.

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