6 New Year’s Resolutions For Kids

Just like adults, kids also have individual goals and they need to make new resolutions each year for positive personal growth. They want to have the feeling of achievement and to see positive changes in their lives. Having said that, it is the responsibility of parents to make sure their children stay on the right path and we can help them make their own New Year’s Resolutions with every new year.

Recommend these New Year’s resolutions to children and work together to help them achieve them:

Unplug More- children consume so much digital content that it’s becoming more difficult to find balance in life. By unplugging more, children can spend time outdoors, play with friends, and have a better learning experience every day. Make an agreement about the set amount of time they can have for using their digital devices.

Be Active Physically- children can gain numerous benefits by doing physical exercise and playing actively every day. It’s always a good resolution for children to keep physically active. Come up with new activities that your children love to do, such as biking, hiking, swimming, or playing ball. Once children discover their favourite physical activities, they will have a lot more fun staying active and fit.

Be A Better Friend- social interactions are essential for children. Problems like fighting and bullying are becoming more common as children grow older. It is important for children to spread their kindness to friends and those around them. Make them more committed to becoming a better person at school and at home.

Do Chores- allow children to help around the house. This daily habit could make children become more responsible individuals. This resolution is a win-win solution for both children and parents.

Help The Environment- watch environmental documentaries with your children to help them understand more about the environment issues our planet faces. Encourage children to make a new resolution to contribute to helping the recycling movement and reducing waste.

Do Better In School- children spend a lot of their waking time at school and it should be a priority to do well educationally. Children can look for ways to get better grades such as reading more books, taking notes effectively, and always completing their homework on time.

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