Dinosaur Hunt Day

dinasaur hunt day - path behind the nursery

At our Play Days Academy nursery in Leicester; today we went on a Dinosaur hunt day with our nursery children and nursery staff.  We got ourselves all ready in our wellies and high Viz vests and off we went. We were very exited for this event, we had made a plan for the hunt. We decided all the children will follow the staff members and every one will look for dinosaurs.


We walked along the lane just behind the nursery, looking for evidence of dinosaurs. We had to listen hard to see if we could hear any…. We heard lots of birds singing! We had to fight our way through the long grass, luckily there was a pathway to walk along.

dinosaur hunt day leicester - kids looking for dinasaurs


When we got to the woods, we had a good look for dinosaur bones on the floor, in the bushes and in the tress. We collected lots of bones (twigs & stones) and leaves to take back to our nursery.

dinosaur hunt day leicester - children collection bones



After such a lovely day, every one was hungry, so we all gathered and we had our snacks. Before going back we counted all the children and the staff members. Luckily every one was present, no one was left behind for the dinosaurs.  We started walking back to our nursery with all the wonderful memories.

dinosaur hunt day leicester - Children eating snacks


What an exciting adventure we had ?

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