Fun Ways To Teach Your Child Emotional Literacy

What Is Emotional Literacy?

Emotional literacy refers to the ability to recognize and name the emotions that not only we feel but also others. This skill is the root for all those brilliant characteristics that every parent wishes to see in their children- including self-compassion, empathy, etc. 

An average person can only name up to 4 emotions- which mostly are happiness, sadness, anger and joy. Emotional literacy is important to understand because most of the other emotions are overshadowed by the above-mentioned four for most children. 

How To Teach Children Emotional Literacy?

Emoji Game

Go through your phone and ask your children what each of the emojis is feeling. It’s a really fun way to start the process by making your children guess and maybe even reward them for each correct answer. 

Just get your feeling vocabulary and ask your child to match it with the emoji and what it is feeling. 

Streetwalk Detectives

This is a very entertaining way of teaching your child emotional literacy. All you need to do is when you walk by the street or if you are in a grocery store, ask your children what others are feeling. For example, if there’s a baby crying, make your children guess why or if a group of friends are laughing, ask them why.

The child will have to anticipate the energy and scenario around the baby or the friends and then come up with their theory of why. What better way to flex those emotional muscles in your children?

It is a very effective, fun guessing game that doesn’t feel like education to children.

Emotional Wizards

Now charades and Pictionary are very common household games, but when you combine them with emotional literacy, they can prove to be very effective. 

Just write down a bunch of emotions like jealousy, joy, revenge, loss, confusion, etc., on different pieces of paper. Now you as a family make rounds to pick one paper and either act or draw the particular emotion written on it. 

If it is your child’s turn, they will have to act or draw the emotion, translating to you what kind of knowledge they possess about that feeling. 

And if it is your turn and you are the one acting or drawing, your child will be observing and learning the emotion from you whilst playing and guessing. 


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