How To Reduce Children’s Anxiety For Going Back To School

Young children are like sponges; they soak up suggestions, emotions, and various environmental factors. Because they are not yet exposed to many new experiences, their uncertainty can lead to anxiety. There are many unknown things at school, and children who are just starting, or who are going back this term, don’t always know what to expect.

If your child is showing anxiety as the new school year draws near, here are some things you should do:

Study Textbooks At Home- parents and children should review textbooks a few weeks before the first day of school. Parents should provide guidance and make sure children grasp the core concepts of the learning materials. It’s a good way to make children more confident, because they know what to learn at school. Use Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and other online resources to obtain additional learning materials.

Teach Resilience- parents should tell children that there will be failures, setbacks, and criticism at school. It is important to make sure that children won’t dwell on disappointments and failures. Children shouldn’t give up easily. Even so, it’s essential to acknowledge and validate these feelings. They should be comfortable in sharing their thoughts with their parents.

Instill Personal Independence- independent children are willing to try many new things. Although it’s not something that parents can teach in a few weeks, it is important for parents to start immediately. Parents may supervise from the sidelines. Children should be given space, so it’s possible for them to innovate and be more creative.

Be Responsive To Bullying- some children have severe anxiety due to a fear of bullying. Verbal harassments and physical bullying can make children reluctant to go to school. Parents should show children how to stand up to bullies in non-violent ways. If children are harmed physically, it is important to contact school administrators.

Encourage Children To Pursue Their Passion- children can be passionate about sports, music, theatre, or foreign languages. Encourage them to participate in relevant school activities. Always praise children when they accomplish something. They will be more eager to go to school to study and indulge in their passions.

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