How to teach children compassion and kindness?

Kids need to learn compassion and kindness, two traits that define a good person. Being compassionate towards others and practicing kindness will help the world be a better place. When kids understand this, they would start being compassionate towards others and demonstrate kindness. When you enrol your child for a child care near me, you can talk to the teachers and understand how they would inculcate these values. The best child care Leicester centre would instill these values in kids.

Teaching kindness and compassion

Kindness and compassion are values that need to come from within. It is challenging for teachers working at a day care near me to teach these values. The following explains how teachers at a day care Leicester centre can teach kindness and compassion.

Set an example

The best way for day care centre teachers would be set an example through their own behaviour. Teachers need to show empathy for others and be kind. When children see their teacher being compassionate, they will start following the same behaviour. Being a role model to children is the best way for a teacher to instill these values.

Show respect

Treating the child with respect is the best way to instill values in them. When you show respect to your children, they would respect you back. This will make it easy to teach them the values of kindness and compassion.

Reward acts of kindness

When kids carry out acts of kindness, they need to be encouraged. Words of appreciation are enough to motivate children to continue to exhibit such behaviour. Rewarding them for kindness helps to reinforce this behaviour. This is the best way of teaching these values to kids.

Make them understand what is unkind

While you need to encourage kids to be kind, you also need to help them understand the opposite of being kind. Kids should learn then being unkind or rude is not an acceptable behaviour. When someone exhibits rudeness, the kids should be told this. They must be told that the behaviour is wrong and unacceptable. This will help them avoid negative behaviour and adopt positive behaviour.

Show them how to be kind

Kindness is an abstract term and can be defined in many ways. A young child may need help to understand how to be kind in practice. As a teacher, you need to show kids what acts of kindness means. Teach them to be kind towards animals and towards their own friends. This helps them learn this behaviour quickly.