In today’s technological world, mobile phones have taken over globally. Every person has one. People have become addicted to their phones and keeping away from them is proving to be more and more challenging. The exposure of technology to our children is changing how they interact, play and learn. These tablets and mobile phones have become an inevitable part of everyday life for us and our children.

However, the use of this technology has both, good and bad effects on the young minds of today.

The Positive Impact of Technology on Your Children

It has become increasingly easier for children to have access to information in a matter of seconds. If your child wants to learn about a certain topic, they do not have to go through heaps and heaps of pages. It is just a few clicks or taps away.

Children also have been more interested and engaged in learning ever since mobile phones have been permitted and used in school. Instead of dull books, children have appealing and colourful images and videos to go through and learn.

If your child is at their nursery or preschool and feels uncomfortable or tense, they can simply call you anytime. This will assist them in remaining more relaxed and settling better at their child care centers.

The Negative Impact of Technology on Your Children

Children are more likely to suffer the weakening of eyesight or blurred vision if they have excessive use of technological gadgets. These children have fragile eyes and minds that tend to be affected physically due to the harmful rays that these gadgets release.

There may also be more chances to get bullied online if they have their own mobile phone.

The free access to all sorts of information, good or bad, may also affect your child’s innocence. Children have pure minds and can be easily corrupted.

Exaggerated usage of mobile phones can also decrease the physical activity of your child. If your kid simply enjoys sitting around all day playing online games, they will be less likely to go outside and play with the other children. This ultimately also cuts back your child’s socializing, affecting friendships.

How to Strategically Control Your Child’s Mobile Usage?


Make your child earn their screen time. As a rule, your child needs to do their homework and be good all day to earn an hour’s worth of screen time. This will limit their usage indirectly and encourage good behaviour.

Set parental controls on their phone and keep track of everything they are watching or doing on that phone. You can also limit access to information in this way.


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