Three Ways Children Can Burn Energy On A Rainy Day

When it comes to doing workouts and burning calories, it is not always necessary to go outside. If it’s rainy all day, the whole family can exercise at home indoors. Children should burn calories and use more energy to maintain physical fitness. Children don’t have to be a total sloth on a rainy day as there are many activities they can do instead.

Keeping that in mind, here are three ways children can burn energy on a rainy day:

Jumping Rope – many children love jumping rope. It’s a great physical activity that burns calories and release endorphin, a stimulant that gives children relaxation and a feeling of well-being. Rope-jumping is more complex than running because children need to do muscular adjustments to maintain their balance. As a result, children gain dynamic balance and improved coordination. According to studies, jumping rope develops both right- and left-brain hemispheres, which improves mental alertness, cognitive functions, reading skills, awareness, and creativity. This means, rope jumping isn’t only good for your child’s physical performance, but also their mental and cognitive functions.

Aerobic Dancing- aerobic exercise is any workout that gets your children’s muscles working hard and heart pumping. They will breathe harder and use more oxygen. Use fun children songs to do aerobic exercise for children. Children can do 15 minutes of aerobic dancing session. The duration can be longer or shorter, depending on the physical condition of your child. It should start with a good warm up to prepare your child for highly vigorous activities. The next phase is high-impact or low-impact workout, depending on the physical condition of your child. This is the core of the aerobic dancing exercise and it may last for 20 minutes or less. Children may stop when they start breathing quickly from their mouth and nose. Spend about 10 minutes for relaxing and cooling down, by stretching muscles.

Circuit Training- circuit training is a combination of high-volume repetitions, resistance training, and short intervals for rest. For children, circuit training can improve agility, balance, coordination, strength, and metabolism. Cone-weaving, hurdles, and ladders are for agility training. One-foot hops and ball passes on one foot are for improving balance.

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