What To Do When Your Child Gets Up Too Early In The Morning

Compared to adults, children have a very different circadian rhythm. They go to bed early because they need more than 8 hours of sleep each night. As such, children should wake up between 7AM and 8AM on school days. But if you find that your kids are always awake up before 6AM, there are some ways to address the issue and help them to sleep longer.

With that in mind, we are going to share some helpful tips on what to do what to do when your child gets up too early in the morning:

Regulate Light Exposure- during summer, the sun sometimes rises before 6AM and this can contribute to your child’s early waking. You should use window shades or window darkening curtains to ensure that their room stays as dark as possible.

Use White Noise- when birds are chirping and the garbage truck is rumbling, these noises can cause your child to stir. Your children should be accustomed to white noise because it will drown out any external noises. A rotating house fan or ceiling fan is a great source of white noise. Your children won’t be easily awakened if there’s a source of white noise in the room.

Sleep Early- going to sleep late doesn’t always equate to waking up late. If your children wake up too early, you should try an earlier bedtime. The first half of night usually produces the best sleep quality. If your children have a restful night, they may sleep longer. Going to bed 30 minutes earlier can make a big difference to your child’s sleep pattern.

Don’t Do Anything Exciting- if your child wakes up at 6AM and immediately does something exciting, he may associate fun activities with early waking. Don’t allow your child to turn on the TV, use their tablet, or play with toys. Tell him to stay on bed and play soothing music to prevent a stimulated mental state.

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