6 Ways to Help Your Child to Learn to Read

There are a plethora of benefits to reading. Often, many parents ask how they can help encourage good reading habits in their children. And rightfully so, since it is an important skill that every child needs to learn, but also promotes brain development and imagination.


By picking out books that pique their interest and draw them into reading, you automatically motivate them to read more often. Below are some tips that may help encourage your children to read.

Take Books Everywhere

To encourage the healthy habit, show your children there is always time to read. Whether waiting in the doctor’s office, in a long line or anywhere else, one should always have reading material at their disposal. These stories can also keep your child busy.

Provide Quick Access

Building a small library of your own is best. That way, your child will have books at their disposal.


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If your child wants to read the Rapunzel story again, let them. Encourage your child to read a story multiple times; this will help build their confidence. Re-reading is also known to improve speed and accuracy in children.

Pick Child-Friendly Books

Pick a book that does not exceed your child’s understanding ability. They may be interested in the story, but they will soon lose focus if they do not understand, which is why it is important to choose a book that is neither easy nor too hard.

Relate To Real Life

What else is more exciting than knowing your child’s superhero eats the same breakfast as them? Connecting real life with what your child reads in books is essential to keep your child interested and hinged on the topic.


To know what is recently trending with kids’ books, ask a librarian or a teacher to help you with this section. To further ease your hunt, check-up with a daycare Leicester to stay on the right track.