Tips on Setting a Bedtime Routine for your Child

Are you struggling with putting your children to bed at a set time? Is that resulting in them not getting a good nights sleep? It’s hard for parents to see their children struggle with sleep, and all the problems that come with disturbed sleeping patterns.

So, how to achieve the goal of perfecting your child’s bedtime routine? Short naps during the day and following a proper routine have been shown to help set up children for good nights sleep. Not sure where to begin? Following these few things will help you set up a bedtime routine for your child.

Have a good meal

Having a good meal 2-3 hours before bedtime greatly improves sleep. Studies have shown that children sleep better on a full stomach. Having a glass of warm milk just before bedtime can also help children feel full and go to sleep easily. Make sure to avoid caffeinated or sugary drinks before bedtime as these ingredients work to boost energy in children instead of helping them sleep.

Set up the atmosphere

Setting up the atmosphere of the bedroom can significantly affect how children sleep at night. Set the temperature of the room just right, and make the room dark except with a small source of light, for example, your child’s favourite night lamp. Make sure the bed is soft and comfy, and your children have their favourite blanket and toy with them.

Adopt a bedtime hygiene routine

Adopt a bedtime hygiene routine including taking a hot bath, brushing teeth, and putting on soft and comfy pajamas. This will get your children ready for the night and get them in the mood for resting. Encourage following this routine regularly.

Read a book, sing a song

Reading a book together before bedtime, or singing a song together helps children sleep easily at night. Such activities help relax children’s minds and help them ease into sleep. This is also a great time to spend some personal, quality time with your kids. Avoid complex and scary stories, funny stories or those with a moral are always a great choice.

Keep it short

Adopting a bedtime routine is a great idea to get your children ready for sleep at set times, but make sure to keep the routine short. As much as children take to routine easily, they can also get bored quite easily.

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