Tips for Spending Quality Time with Your Child

Here are some fantastic ways to spend more time with your little one!

1. Have A Daily ‘Connect’ Time With Your Child

Pick an hour in the morning or an hour in the evening, and set a timer. Use this hour to fully focus on fun and play with your child.

2. Create a Special Ritual for You And Your Child

Each family has their own unique routine. Setting up a special place for you to read books and have snuggles and incorporating these bonding times into the day is important and benefits the child massively.

3. Reinforce Positive Behavior

Finally, it’s important that you reinforce positive behavior. If you model the kinds of behaviors, you want your child to hold up to others, that’s the best form of influence. It is believed that what children see at home will have an influence on their behavior at school.

4. Make and Eat Meals With Your Children Whenever Possible.

No matter how busy you are try make time to prepare dinner and sit with your child when possible.

5. Laugh and Be Silly With Your Child.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the day-to-day routine, but try and find time to be silly and laugh with your child and dive into the childlike fun we all so enjoy!

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